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Today's experiences

Today is the final destination of this marvelous Abruzzese food and wine tour and it is just for this reason that we decided to reserve for you a special unforgettable one.
You will be taken to the Niko Romito’s School of Haute Cuisine, 3 Michelin stars chef. Every year 20 young people, among the most promising chefs of the nation, are selected and trained here by a group of professionals led by Niko. You’ll have the chance to grasp a bit of the technique during a 3 hours cooking class. You will learn some of the secrets to prepare these delicacies and maybe you'll discover the "cuoco" deep inside yourself. After the lesson, the dishes you prepared will be your own lunch. So don’t mess around and pay attention to the chefs’ advice...
In the afternoon, time for you to spend in the beautiful Casadonna estate, a XVI century monastery, a place where food, tradition, history and sleek design blended in the one, single Niko’s vision.
In the evening, you will be at the table of the 3 Michelin-starred Ristorante Reale, where you will be served a gourmet menu consisting of 10 courses, excluding wines to choose from on the chef’s advice.
Still a bit of time to recollect all the great moments spent together. It’s now bed time.
Waaake uuuuup. It’s your unforgettable breakfast time. No buffet waiting for you, but a mise-en-place consistent with the dinner and served right at your table. You will choose a-la-carte among classic cafeteria, from coffee to teas, chocolate, herbal teas or various fruit centrifuges. Warm and freshly baked breads and local butter and yoghurt. A sublimation is reached with the selection of cured meats, cheese and tasty omelets. And you’ll stand up as a king, ready to conquer your world again.

Included services

3 hours cooking class

Light lunch with your own cooked meal. Drinks are not included

Dinner at 3 Michelin stars restaurant. Wines are not included

Overnight stay and gourmet start-of-the-day breakfast

All necessary transfers


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