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In this splendid region the stars aren’t found only in the sky

Imagine a land which almost in the blink of an eye allows you to leave the blue of the sea and climb the highest peaks of the Appenines, passing through hills covered with vineyards, olive trees, and other genuine agricultural and livestock products.
It is the Abruzzo of the castles, of the churches, and of the historic centers which are rich with a secular culture which permeates every corner.
And thus, on the edge of the sea, between lush hills and the shadows of the magnificent mountains are the chefs, who in different seasons, through their vast knowledge and craft, are able to transform the precious fruits of their land into delicious and wonderous meals.

Ugo Del Castello


First Day

Experiences that recall the past, lived in a charming medieval castle.

We will take you to a world-class vineyards estate in Abruzzo, renowned for the quality of its wines. You will spend two days in a marvelous castle, full of history evoking a rich rural past. Interior designs and the surrounding natural landscape ensure a pleasant stay and a great visual impact.

Second Day

From the production of great wines to gourmet cuisine. Start discovering the true flavors of Abruzzo.

It’s time for you to access the heart of this beautiful winery: the cellars! Here you will pair their best wines to local food. In the evening light your FIRST ABRUZZO FOOD STAR. Unique and creative dishes prepared in one of the most celebrated Abruzzo restaurants, right at the footsteps of the Gran Sasso National Park.



Third Day

Surrounded by the echoes of the sea waves from morning to night, when dinner is served at the best Trabocco.

We will move from the inland hills to the sea side in one of the most evocative places along the Abruzzo coast. You will be accommodated in a boutique hotel, just you and nothing else but the sea waves. In the evening, your first hands-on the local seafood: dine in one of the distinctive local fishermen shacks, known as Trabocchi, now converted into a cool restaurant perching over the sea waves.

6 unforgettable days. The seventh? Well... Tears possible

First stop of the tour. The destination is the typical and beautiful hilly environment of the Abruzzo inland. The first day offers...

  • Meeting at the airport
  • Transfer to the castle
  • Tour of the castle
  • Dinner and overnight stay

Second day to spend at the vineyards estate. Transfer to the 1 Star Michelin restaurant for dinner. The day includes...

  • Breakfast at the castle
  • Guided tour of the cellar
  • Light lunch
  • Relax in the afternoon
  • Dinner at the restaurant
  • Back to the castle and overnight stay

Third leg of the tour in Abruzzo. Transfer from the hills to the coast to relax directly at the beach boutique hotel. Today you will...

  • Breakfast at the castle
  • Driving to the coast
  • Light lunch at the hotel
  • Afternnon available for relax
  • Dinner in local restaurant
  • Overnight stay

The fourth day is to be fully spent at the sea. Boat sailing and then dinner at the 1 Michelin Star restaurant. The day features...

  • Breakfast on the beach
  • Boat sailing
  • Light lunch on the boat
  • Back to the hotel
  • Seafood dinner
  • Overnight stay

Transfer back to the Abruzzo mountains through Molise. On the way back there will be a stop of a few hours to visit an historical town. This day includes...

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Visit of the bell foundry museum
  • Light lunch at an agriturismo
  • Visit of a local cheese factory
  • Aperitif and dinner
  • Overnight stay

Sixth and last day. This one is dedicated to cooking class in the morning and 3 Stars dinner in the evening. More in detail...

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Transfer to cooking academy
  • 3 hours dedicated to cooking
  • Light lunch at the academy
  • Relax in the afternoon
  • Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

After a gourmet breakfast created by the chef, luggage wrapping up, it's time to go. Transfer to the airport. End of services. Warning: Tears possible...

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Airport transfer
  • End of services


Fourth Day

Dedicated to all the sea lovers, a full day drifting along the coast to finally dive into top-class seafood art cuisine.

Experience a sailing day along the Trabocchi coast. An unknown, although gorgeous, stretch of the Italian coastline, thanks to the blue sea and snow-capped mountains far in the distance. Taste the delicacy of freshly caught fish, cooked for you by the skipper right on the boat. Then back to the mainland to light your SECOND ABRUZZO FOOD STAR.

Fifth Day

A secluded place, an unexpected bunch of artistry, rural history and food traditions that need to be preserved.

From the sea back to the mountains. One day full of experiences along the transfer route to Abruzzo. We will stop in Molise, to discover the millennial crafts that are promoting these lands worldwide. The day will end in a fascinating village, once almost abandoned, that is now undergoing a full restoration project. Time for you to enjoy a sunset over the Maiella National Park from the SPA.



Sixth Day

You dream of some peace of mind on the last day of your trip…

... but you have to do some little extra work to deserve it. In the morning, you will attend a 3 hours cooking class with Niko Romito, acclaimed as one of the best 100 chefs in the world. Learn some of the Italian haute cuisine secrets. It’ll truly be your own lunch. Then… end of the day, end of the trip, but beginning of an unforgettable dining experience at the place where all the ABRUZZO FOOD STARS FINALLY COLLIDED.

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Chef Marcello Spadone

Owner of La Bandiera Restaurant, awarded 1 Michelin Star since 2011. Chef Spadone takes care of every tiny detail. His cuisine follows the rhytms of the seasons, and is based only on top-quality ingredients of exclusive regional origin.

Chef Niko Romito

Owner of the Reale Restaurant, 3 Michelin Stars since 2014. Niko Romito, the fast paced climber of the world cuisine elite. In 2016 he has been nominated among the best 100 chefs on the planet by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Chef Nicola Fossaceca

Owner of the Al Metrò Restaurant, awarded 1 Michelin Star since 2012. His restaurant tells the story of a family business, changing a pastry shop into one of the best gourmet restaurants in Abruzzo.