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Today's experiences

After breakfast, we will leave the castle and head to the sea. The landscape will radically change, and for the next two days you will be cuddled by the echoes of the waves and the smell of the sea right into your room. This new boutique hotel is so close to the sea that the sunrise show will be nothing short of extraordinary. A hearty brunch is waiting, but food comes now second to a spectacular view over the sea.
The afternoon is long and relaxing, either swimming or, why not, reading a book surrounded by lush flowers and vegetation. You know, you’re in Italy. There’s no better place in the world for food. Hunger for seafood arrives. Your dinner is ready in a typical restaurant: the Trabocco. These structures are traditional fishing stations, used in the past and in some cases still used today. The decommissioned trabocco we chose for you was carefully restored and is now used just as a restaurant to offer customers a unique experience in the world, with great seafood, too.
We will then return to the hotel for the night.

Included services

Welcome brunch

Dinner at a typical seafood restaurant. Drinks included.

Overnight stay

All necessary transfers


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