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Today's experiences

After meeting with the private transfer at the airport, your journey will start to reach the first destination included in this tour. You will arrive at an enchanted castle full of charm, where the ancient wealth of these lands is still alive and visible thanks to warm rural interiors that have been expertly redecorated to give you the highest standards of comfort.
Take a break to regenerate both body and mind from your long trip, then walk a tour to discover the history and anecdotes of this wonderful location. And get ready. Your personal experience will continue with the wine tasting session. Drink seven different types, get a technical explanation of their character and understand how they became among the best wines in Abruzzo and prize-winning products at both national and international level.
Great wines paired to great local food chosen for you by the Abruzzo Slow Food Committee. A selection of cold and hot appetizers, meats and cheeses typical of our region, ending with a main course and a dessert
The first day ends. You must be impatient to rest in one of the comfortable rooms that have been reserved for you in the castle.

Included services

Tour of the old mansion

Tasting of 7 different high-end wines

Dinner with typical appetizers, main course and dessert

Overnight stay at the castle

Transfer from the airport


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